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LOUD STANDS FOR… LOUD stands for Live Out Ur Dreams. In todays world of abbreviations, cyber shorthand, and acronyms…we think it’s close enough! Do you have dreams you want to live out? Are you doing what it takes to move towards those dreams? Are you taking steps towards accomplishing your goals? What are you doing to be LOUD? Let us show you the way! LOUD APPLIES TO… LOUD applies to you! Anyone who wakes up in the morning with the mentality to push through discomfort, work hard on what is put in front of them, and move towards those goals…we want to work with you! You made the first step, and that takes guts. We want to help lay the groundwork needed to improve and get you through the rough stuff so that you can reach your potential, both physically and mentally!


A few things we’re great at

Team Loud offers personalized training schedules, customized nutriotion, and world class coaching.


Our experienced trainers work with you to create an interactive fitness plan filled with personalized workouts, nutrition, and encouragement.


Work with our team to get you prepared for your mandatories and get noticed on stage.


Losing weight can be incredibly hard, both physically and emotionally. We’re here to help make it easier!


Your diet is one of the most important aspects of the transformation process. We’ll create a meal plan and nutritional strategy tailored to your needs.


The Secret to Success

The secret to success is hard work, dedication, and preparation. Good things don’t come easy and winners never quit. We are all about producing real results for real people.


Having a plan is vital to achieving any goal, but creating the strategy is just the beginning.


We’ll get you prepared for the stage. From diet, to posing, and beyond, we’ve got you covered.


We provide the coaching you’ll need to make your dream a reality. From weight loss to competition, we’re ready to help you achieve.


We’ll be here for you every step of the way. We are committed to making your dream a reality. You just have to take the first step.

Team Gallery

Our clients have experienced success and achieved greatness. We coach champions.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Dating back to September of this year I was nearing the time to start dieting down for my second show. I currently work as an Exercise Specialist and am confident with my ability to resistance train, but I lack in understanding my limits with food intake. Through some networking I found out about Derek from a mutual friend in the gym, who spoke very highly of Derek’s work and ability to transform anyone to where they want to be. Time was running out and the pressure was on. I was 14 weeks out and still hadn’t started to diet down. I met with Derek with exactly 12 weeks to go and he was exactly what I expected him to be and more. Derek took the time to ask questions and intently listen to my thoughts and concerns. With all of that information, he was brutally honest with me for what to expect through these 12 weeks and promptly put together my nutrition protocol. The weight started to melt off and little by little my body began to transform. I started to learn what would positively and negatively affect my weight change and energy levels. Derek was awesome about keeping a close watch on me and continually stayed in contact, even everyday at times when I needed it. He always had the right answer to what was happening with my body. From changing something with my nutrition, my cardio, or simply giving me a pick-me-up to keep me moving. There were times that I felt like prep was never going to end, but Derek would push me and inspire me to keep going. If it wasn’t for this professional guidance, there was absolutely no way I would have be able to lose the body fat that I did and get to the overall physical/mental state that I needed. Not only did he help me to get stage ready, but he really helped me to learn a lot about myself through this journey and for all of that I am beyond grateful. I would highly recommend anyone to work with him because he truly does and will make a difference!


I actually know Derek from high school and ran across his fitness blog almost 10 years later in July 2014. Somewhere in those 10 years life got busy, changed a lot, and I seemed to gain some extra weight. I originally wanted to lose a few pounds for my wedding but never thought it would go this far! I have tried many things to get back on track but nothing seemed to work until now. Derek has given me a complete understanding of nutrition and macronutrients. He provided coaching to meet my individual needs and his accountability made sure that I didn’t throw all my hard work away. After going over my past experiences, he decided giving me a strict diet was setting me up for failure. He instead gave me numbers to reach and the motivation to do it. I think the best part about this process is, I eat a lot of food that I enjoy, and eat more now than I ever had! He also gave me workouts tailored to my needs and knowledge on when to lift and when to do cardio. Most importantly, he has helped me achieve a new lifestyle that is easy to balance fitness and healthy nutrition based on my own progress. When I first started this journey I never imagined I would be down almost 30 pounds, have the strength physically and mentally that I have now, and be excited that this is something I can maintain!


I met Derek through my brother who was also being trained by Derek. I wanted to shed some weight, improve my foot speed, and gain a bit of muscle so that I could play D1 college lacrosse. Within 5 months of training with Derek twice a week and while following his nutritional protocol, I dropped approximately 50lbs and was stronger and faster than ever before. My junior and senior years of high school lacrosse, I led the division in overall points both years and was named to the 1st team all division elite honors. I received a significant amount of scholarship money to play lacrosse in college, but after a few months I decided to pursue bodybuilding instead after being


Being an experienced competitive bodybuilder I’ve learned a lot over the years with diet, training, and supplementation. The main thing I’ve learned is that no two people are alike and respond the same when it comes to all aspects in meeting your fitness/bodybuilding goals. Over the past two years, I decided to team up with Derek in order to bring my physique to another level. Prior to working with Derek we discussed his philosophy on coaching and contest preparation for the advanced bodybuilder. I knew this was the right fit when his first response was “We need to learn your body first and go from there”. After that discussion, I was ready to begin my journey with Derek and leave all the guess work to him in hopes of reaching my goals. I was really impressed with the knowledge Derek had and how he works “with” his athletes and doesn’t make cookie cutter plans. I was amazed at the attention to detail he has when working with clients. Derek was able to work with me and take my physique past a level I thought was impossible with a year’s time. Throughout the process Derek made things easy in regards to explanation and coaching. He understands people have a life outside of fitness goals and works with an athlete’s schedule and understands the importance of balance in making a plan work. Derek also never seems content with his knowledge and he continually researches and educates himself on new information. I also never had to wait longer than a day for a response. It shows he has a passion for helping his clients and gets satisfaction out of their success. He’s always looking to get the best he can out of his clients. I feel the results I got working with Derek speak for themselves if you’re considering working with someone to reach your fitness goals, I encourage you to contact Derek and I can promise you won’t be disappointed in the results. Working with him was the best change I made improving my physique!


After years of training and eating on my own, I came to Derek wanting to compete in a men’s physique competition. He figured out my metabolism and showed me how underfed I was all those years. He pointed out my strengths as well as my weaknesses. He was able to get me in the best shape I have ever been in and I am now nationally qualified after my first show. I was amazed with how fast my physique transformed. His nutrition and workout plans are individually set up for each client and their goals. He keeps it simple and makes slight changes with my updates and pictures. Derek goes above and beyond for his clients. With his professional guidance I know I’m in good hands and I cant wait to see how far I can now go.


What makes Derek’s approach to coaching special is his ability to educate his clients. He takes it a step beyond developing plans, training splits, etc. His goal is for his clients to understand and trust the process, learn and develop a deeper relationship with their body, and equip them with the tools and knowledge necessary to make changes. Derek first introduced me to a dieting concept that I was unaware of. This was an approach to nutrition that yielded the most dramatic changes that I have ever seen within my own physique, and is a philosophy that I still follow currently. Derek’s unique approach of educating and rationalizing his methods combined with the patience and empathy he exhibited, allowed me to place faith and trust in the plan, even in the most mentally challenging stages of contest prep. This proved to pay dividends, as my faith in Derek’s guidance was rewarded when led me to an overall win and my Natural Pro card in my very first contest. I recommend Derek for anyone who is interested in not only improving themselves physically, but also sharpening themselves mentally, and intellectually.




We are commited to sharing the knowledge and training that we have acquired through years of practice.

Derek Natcher

CPT, Performance Enhancement Specialist, Contest Prep Coach


Certified Personal Trainer, National Level Bikini Competitor, 2 Time NPC Champion


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