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10 Must Know Terms for Body Builders

PERIODIZATION Periodization is the a systematic planning and breakdown of your training regiment. You cannot simply go all out and full speed every workout. The best way to gain size and strength is to mix up the volume and intensity. Begin your workout at a lower intensity and then ramp up overtime. ANAEROBIC VS. AEROBIC […]

The Essentials of Competition Prep

Preparing for a competition can seem overwhelming. Planning, training, and goal setting are key to achieving success. There is no one way to cross the finish line. Every person is different, and it’s important to take those differences into account when getting ready for the big show. Whether you plan to compete in local shows […]

Top 5 Ways to get Motivated for Working Out

5) Visualize Your Goals. Visualizing your goals is a great way to get motivated. In order to visualize a goal though, you have to first set a goal. This goal should be achievable, realistic, and challenging. It should push you to change and improve. Once you have this goal in mind you need to surround […]