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A Guide to Competition Divisions

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A Guide to Competition Divisions

We get a lot of questions from aspiring champions. Many of these questions revolve around the different types of competitions available. There is more than one way to compete, so let’s break down some divisions.

Bodybuilding (Men & Women)

Bodybuilding Competitions date all the way back to the 1930’s. Competitors in this division are scored on muscle mass, symmetry, and conditioning. Bodybuilding competitions are available to both men and women, and genders compete separately. Competitors are divided into weight classes prior to competing and put through a large number of poses. Many folks consider Bodybuilding to be the easiest division to judge. This may be due to how long body building competitions have been around and a true standard is set. This is also the only division you cant be “too big” for.

Bikini (Women Only)

This division is for women only. Competitors wear a 2 piece bikini and heels while on stage. There are many style options allowed, but thongs are not permitted. Women strut onto the stage doing a “model walk” for the presentation round. They are then compared with each other in the comparison round where front and back poses are transitioned through. Competitors are to be judged on overall appearance, presentation, balance, and shape.

Physique (Men & Women)

Men’s Physique

The men’s physique division is rather new and board shorts are the chosen attire. This is the division requiring the least amount of muscle. Competitors are judged on a standard size of muscularity (being too big will get you marked down), conditioning, and how they present their physique on stage. Men’s physique competitors have a presentation round where they perform in the middle of the stage by themselves, then are brought back and judged as a group doing front and back poses. Presentation plays a bigger role in this class than others. While there are only two poses to hit, the need to look comfortable, confident, and experienced are very important in this class.

Women’s Physique

The women’s physique class is currently the class for the most amount of muscle on women. While female bodybuilding is a part of a few shows, its been replaced for the most part by this new division. Women are judged on symmetry, shape, proportion, muscle tone, poise and beauty flow. While this is the female class where you can find the most muscle, extreme muscularity is penalized to stop the look of the class from reaching the level female bodybuilding did.

Classic Physique

The classic physique division is the newest class. It was started to fill in the gap between the men’s physique class and bodybuilding. Competitors are placed into classes based on height. In order to compete in classic physique, a competitor must make a set weight cut off for their height. This was done to limit the proportions and attempt to bring a truly classic look to the stage. Posing requirements are similar to bodybuilding, but poses are limited and competitors are allowed to hit their “favorite classic pose”.  The judging criteria matches that of bodybuilding but instead of very small bodybuilding trunks being worn, trunks similar to boxer briefs.

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We hope that this article has cleared up any confusion concerning the types of competitions available. If you have more questions or want to learn to compete, feel free to contact Team Loud today!



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