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10 Must Know Terms for Body Builders

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10 Must Know Terms for Body Builders


Periodization is the a systematic planning and breakdown of your training regiment. You cannot simply go all out and full speed every workout. The best way to gain size and strength is to mix up the volume and intensity. Begin your workout at a lower intensity and then ramp up overtime.


Anaerobic means without oxygen and aerobic means with oxygen. Anaerobic and Aerobic exercises utilize different pathways within the body.

Exercising anaerobically cannot be maintained for long period of time. Think of it as using a burst of energy. Anaerobic exercising is like sprinting, but doesn’t pertain to just running.

Aerobic exercise is usually lower-intensity. This could be riding a bicycle, lifting a comfortable amount of weight, or performing any exercise that allows you to breath. This process requires oxygen, and so is labeled as aerobic.

In bodybuilding movements are typically anaerobic, whereas endurance activities are aerobic in nature.


Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine are the bodies three essential amino acids. They have a branched chain like structure. Excercising causes them to break down and be replaced by skeletal muscle. Proper ingestion of BCAAs can stimulate anabolism and repair your muscles faster. BCAA’s can also reduce muscle soreness and fatigue due to working out.


This is when you lift a weight to positive rep failure, meaning that you cannot lift it anymore. Turning this into a “dropset” means that you drop in weight and continue the set. The goal is to quickly reduce weight and continue the set for as long as possible. Each time you drop in weight you should aim to go down by about 20-30%.

Dropsets are considered an advanced training technique. They are great for burning calories and getting a deep muscle burn.


Glycemic Index is how fast carbohydrate foods enter the bloodstream after eating. Sugars, Carbohydrates, and other complex foods take varying time to break down and enter the blood stream. Higher glycemic foods elevate insulin levels quicker than lower glycemic foods. This encourages the storage of nutrients in cells. While higher glycemic foods can be helpful, they can also lead to storing their nutrients in the form of fat.  All diets must be planned, balanced, and personalized. Also keep in mind that the majority of foods are a combination of different macronutrients, so the glycemic index of a carb food alone isn’t a perfect picture of digestion. If you need help planning your diet contact Team Loud today!


This is the process of enlarging individual muscle fibers. Protein synthesis is what causes muscles to grow. Fibers that are damaged by resistance training rebuild themselves and become stronger and larger.


Intensity relates to the percentage of your maximal lift, often referred to as your 1RM. If  you can bench press a max of 300 pounds, and you do a set of 200 pounds, then you are at about 66% of your 1RM.


Over Training sounds bad because it is. Anything in excess is always bad for the body. This is where planning a proper work our routine will come in handy. Signs of over training include fatigue, elevated resting heart rate, insomnia, persistent muscle soreness, weight loss, increased injuries,  illness, poor performance, low testosterone levels, and even depression.

Speak to one of our coaches today at to set up a personalized training routine and prevent ever having the problem of over training.


Supplements are a great way to increase you calorie intake, improve your performance, lose fat, increase endurance, and improve health. Supplements can be anything from whole foods, to vitamins, and various kinds of proteins. Learn to properly augment your training with nutritional supplements today. Visit our pricing page to see our various packages.


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